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[Fic] Dysfunctional [19 Aug 2008|11:04pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Ah, it's been far too long since the plotbunnies last hit, but thank goodness they have started poking at my brain once more. ^__^ Hopefully you enjoy the results of their persistent labor.

Title: Dysfunctional
Word Count: 958
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Pairing: Ace x Sanji
Disclaimer: I sometimes wish they were mine, but they're not...
Summary: [Post-Alabasta] It's the middle of the night, and Chopper's awake. And not by choice.

XPosted to onepieceyaoi. Fake cut to my journal:
( “Well, you’re not helping matters either, bastard!” )

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[Fan art] Ace/Sanji [09 Jun 2008|07:52pm]

Title: -no title really-
Pairing: Ace/Sanji
Rating: Totally worksafe
Disclaimer: Not mine, which probably is good...
Warning: Floating hand!

Click for some Ace/Sanji

This was drawn for the AcexSanji club over at dA. This is the same picture, just without the text.

X-posted to sanji_is_a_slut
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x-Posted to OPY100 [29 May 2008|09:30pm]

Title: Never say never
Rating: G
Word Count:
Topic: Off Topic
Pairing: Sanji/Ace
Warning: SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 501!! Don't say you weren't warned!
A/N: Continuation of 1.)Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

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X-Posted to OPY100 [27 May 2008|05:29pm]

Title: Absence makes the heart grow fonder...
Rating: G, with a dash of angst D:
Word Count: 300 *_*
Topic: Captivity
Pairing: Sanji/Ace

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AcexSanji Portion of Sanji's Super Birthday Package [06 Mar 2008|10:29am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hi! I finally have something to contribute to this community. I wrote 10 drabbles for Sanji's birthday a few days ago, and it consisted of 5 pairings with Sanji, and AceSan was one, so I thought I'd share it here. ^________^   There are more drabbles of other pairings so if you want to read them just scroll to the top of this one and then go through etc.


Title: Sanji's Birthday Package
Pairing: AceSan
Prompts: Warmth, Arrow
Word Count: 276, 201
Rating: PG13-ish

To the AceSan......

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[Fic] A Complicated Confusion [17 Feb 2008|09:50pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

...Hi, all. It's been a while. XD; But I'm still here, and still obsessed with One Piece. luco_millian had reminded me at Otakon in August that I had a story to continue, so I finally got around to posting it. XPosted to onepieceyaoi.

Title: A Complicated Confusion
Word Count: 551
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Pairing: progressing Ace x Sanji/Sanji x Ace
Disclaimer: I sometimes wish they were mine, but they're not...
Summary: [Post-Alabasta; A continuation of An Elemental Certainty] Ace isn't exactly subtle, and Sanji finally catches on to his attempted advances. And responds. Though not entirely in the way that the fire-user might have expected, but hey... he'll figure something out.

Fake cut to my journal:
( 'I don't understand myself, and it's driving me crazy' )

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Time for a pep rally you guys!!! [13 Oct 2007|12:19pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I'm new to the community so hello there! Only until a few months ago have I found this livejournal community dedicated to AceSan :) O////O I'm such a huge fan of AceSan! I mean, I made a dA club for em!


If you have a dA account please join, we need some love for the pairing :D

Anyways, I bring you fanart! Hope you like! <3


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*pokes the community* [31 Jul 2007|06:16pm]

Hey guys... Looks like there hasn't been too much activity here lately. Let's change that, okay? We need more AceSan luvins in the world. <3

Title: An Accidental Observance
Word Count: 1248
Rating: light R (masturbation and cursing)
Pairing: Ace x Sanji
Disclaimer: I sometimes wish they were mine, but they're not...
Summary: (Spoilers: post-Alabasta) If you manage to stumble upon such a private moment, it may be prudent to not let yourself get caught.

XPosted to onepieceyaoi. Fake cut to my journal.

( Maybe… he just didn’t care. )
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Fancy sharing the flaming Sanji loving...? [16 Apr 2007|10:00am]

Love the Sanji-love? Wanna see him finally get the girl? Get held down and ravished by the guy? Felt up inappropriately by enemies? Participating in Nakamaship? Loving himself, in the very best way? Enjoying inanimate objects?

Then please join us at sanji_is_a_slut, the community for watching Sanji love/kiss/hump anyone and everything!

If you have any fic, drabbles, art, meta or vids that focus on Sanji getting some, be it with another character or even loving himself, please share it with us.

To celebrate the grand opening of Sanji's legs the community, and to get started on archiving the Sanji-loving, we're holding a Recycling Month! Want to share some of your older work? Come find out how.
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[Fic] An Elemental Certainty [23 Mar 2007|01:30pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Sheesh, life makes writing hard to keep up with sometimes. XD; But here's a little something that I managed to get on paper to share with you guys. <3

Title: An Elemental Certainty
Word Count: 370
Rating: G
Pairing: pre- Ace x Sanji
Disclaimer: I sometimes wish they were mine, but they're not...
Summary: (Barely existing post-Alabasta spoilers) When fire and ice meet, it is only a matter of time before Ice melts in the face of Fire’s zeal.

XPosted to onepieceyaoi. Fake cut to my journal.

( It seemed… almost unattainable )

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AU fic oneshot [11 Jan 2007|01:23pm]

[ mood | thankful ]

Written in honor of perkygothiam’s birthday, which was Sunday. Because of the explicit nature, the entry shall be friendslocked in about a week and a half.
XPosted to onepieceyaoi.

Title: Sometimes It is Better Not To Ask Questions
Word Count: 1920
Rating: R. Hard R (explicit sex)
Pairing: Ace x Sanji
Disclaimer: I sometimes wish they were mine, but they're not...
Summary: AU fic. [Based in the now (sadly) defunct Devil’s Paradise universe, where both work as strippers at a local club (though Ace only works there part-time to help pay his way through college). But one doesn't really need to understand the universe to enjoy the story.] Sanji stops by Ace's apartment to get screwed visit and see how he's doing.

( "Come *on* already... touch me." )

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Help wanted in fanfic [01 Jun 2006|01:36am]

[ mood | Itchy ]

Title: Fire on the Water (Any suggestions for something better?)
Pairing: Ace and Sanji
Rating: Its just fluff, low.
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Own nothing.
Summary: He feels lonely.

I never ever write, so I'm sorry if this is terrible. Its also probably out of character, so I'm sorry for that too. It isn't finished, I'm not sure where to go now so am in need of some feedback and stuff. Should it even be finished? I plan on going a bit angsty with it.

Also, I have never made a cut before so I apologise if this is all wrong.
Collapse )

Thank You xxx

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Blood Sugar Baby Part 2 [17 Apr 2006|12:16am]

[ mood | Again? ]

Glorious euphoria
Is my must
Erotic shock
Is a function of lust
Temporarily blind
Dimensions to discover
In time
Each into the other
Uncontrollable notes
From his snowwhite throat
Fill a space
In which two bodies float
Operatic by voice
A fanatic by choice
Aromatic is the flower
He must be moist

>Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I don't think I've ever actually properly drawn sex before. So please bear in mind that this is a first. Ace is probably in a very uncomfortable/impossible position (But he seems happy enough) and I don't think Sanji looks quite right but in all, Its not too bad.

NOT worksafe. http://www.demon012.com/chris/one%20piece%20003.jpg

And while I'm here, some unfinished/doodle things.

Also posted in OnePieceYaoi

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Pimping. [15 Apr 2006|11:28am]

Nma... pimping my new comm... because there was a need.

It's a Franky x Iceberg community, because they deserve teh love.

Tom's Workers ~+~ Apprentice Love

x-posted to zosan
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Update [14 Apr 2006|12:33pm]

That same story... part one is done now.


x-posted to zosan
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Hi [12 Apr 2006|03:03am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

First time LJ user, sorry I have no idea how too cut and am too tierd to figure it out now.

My offerings:



Also posted in OnePieceYaoi.

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Heya... [09 Apr 2006|01:35pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Um... I have a WIP that I'm writing...

here's the link:


x-posted to zosan

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New Fan! [20 Mar 2006|02:28pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Wooh! so great to find a Yaoi of these two! *drool*

as you can guess i am new to this community and what can i say other than i love them, hopefully i will be able to get some fanart or sumthing for this Community XD

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Challenge thingie [22 Nov 2005|10:22pm]

It's just about a week left of my little challenge thingie, and noone participated.

Makes me a sad panda.
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Closer pt1 [12 Nov 2005|01:11pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Characters: Ace and Sanji, Nakama are mentioned, but not involved.
Spoiler: None really, but it’s a bit AU, cause I don’t remember them visiting a winter island with the going merry while Ace still on the going merry. (I refuse to believe that sex is au)
Warning: Small hints of Ace being jealous of a Zosan relationship, but it doesn’t happen. You know what happens when you get a writer's block in the middle of a sex scene. I just post the intro, and hope that someone will comment and give me the incentive to finish the next part. I have never written teh sex before, you see, and therefore it's going slowly. If I get some encouraging comments I will finish it. If not... I might finish it, but I will be sad.
Rating: Will be mature in next chapter.
Description: The most unlikely scenario of them all, - Ace can’t sleep. And Sanji tries to help him (bot not with sleeping)
Disclaimer: Oda owns their souls. I just own their leashes.

(follow teh fake cut to teh real fic)

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